Mid-South Medical Imaging

Role: design, development

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I worked on this site at Mad Genius as the primary designer and developer, partnering with fellow Geniuses on content.

Mid-South Medical Imaging is a supplier of medical imaging equipment (such as X-ray machines) that has been in the business since 1968. Mid-South needed a website to present its impressive catalog of equipment and reinforce the brand.

The Mid-South homepage prominently features a product search component

The home page features an animated build-in:

The product search component was crucial to the project. Customers needed to be able to view products by brand, category, and specialty — or any combination of those. The search component is accessible from the home page, as well as the product page. The product filtering system used KnockoutJS to provide real-time, on-page filtering.

Product list page has dropdown menus that filter the list and the list has the product name, summary and photo of each product

Product photos aren’t always the nicest, but Mid-South had some really great photography to feature. We took advantage of that fact by laying out the product detail page with a generous space for a photo gallery.

Product detail view shows a clean view of Samsung imaging equipment along with product info

It was also important for reps and customers to have easy access to the product catalog from anywhere they might be. As a matter of course, we built the site to be fully responsive to mobile devices.

Three iPhones, each showing a different page of the website

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