JCG Apparel

Role: development

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I worked on this site at Mad Genius as a co-developer, partnering with fellow Geniuses on brand, design, and content.

Desktop view of the homepage showing a college-aged woman wearing a t-shirt and jeans in front of a colorfully painted brick wall. Next to the photo is the headline, 'Show your color.'

My task on this project was to interact with the Shopify API to build an on-site ecommerce experience. It was a challenging project that made use of server-side data fetching and caching, WordPress-integrated options, and a single-page frontend powered by Vue.js.

Desktop view of a product grid showing photos and price.

Desktop view of a single product page with large photography depicting a young woman wearing a tee and holding slices of watermelon. Next to is product information, options, and an add-to-cart button.

Desktop view of a shopping cart with several items, the subtotal, and a checkout button.

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